Before You Date Any Trans Woman You Must Know Few Things

Do you want to date a transgender woman? However, before you venture into dating and go close to them get to know a few things for an enjoyable experience.

Most of these Trans women are loveable, but they face certain special kinds of challenges unlike any cisgender woman ever struggle with. These transgender women often have to face discrimination, fetishization, and harassment which is beyond imagination.

So, while you are romancing with any such transgender woman then remember the following few things.

  1. Prefer to talk only in the bedroom about your intense feeling

No doubt that they are different from fairer sex but it will be better to talk about their sex choice and other such things in your bedroom only rather than openly in the public. They may feel uncomfortable to talk about what is inside their pant.

  1. Better search Google to know the answer about this gender 

Avoid asking too many questions about their sexuality as they may feel it humiliating to answer all those uncomfortable questions that are in your mind. If you are so curious then better Google on the internet and learn about them.

  1. You will not know much about them by watching sex online

Usually, these transgender people face lots of discrimination in society and employment and therefore most of them have to remain in poverty. The only avenue for earning available for them is in the sex trade.

However, what you see in online sex portals are not their real depiction.

  1. Never compliment them by referring their past

Don’t try to appreciate their beauty by referring to their past gender like saying “Wow, it is hard to believe that you were a man before!”. It will be a very rude comment against them.

  1. Remember they didn’t change sex to hook men

Many of the men think that these transgender women prefer to undergo transition just to hook men and sleep with them. This is just a myth. The fact is that they are bisexual and can sleep both with men as well as a lesbian.

  1. Sexuality and gender are not the same

You cannot consider them as gay as you are attracted to them by looking at them as a woman and therefore they will remain a woman for you.

If you are a straight man or woman and attracted to any transgender, then it will not alter your sexual identity

  1. Don’t consider them as a secret society

People often tend to ridicule men who keep relationships with a transgender and therefore men prefer to keep their relationship secret.

However, they are not afraid to admit their sexuality.

  1. Treat them like you treat any women

If you love any transgender woman then you must give her the same respect and love that you would give to any real woman, as you have fallen in love by looking at her as a woman.  

  1. Don’t humiliate them for what they are

Whatever they are is not because of any fault of theirs. So, you must not humiliate them for being transgender.

  1. They too want fun like girls

If you want their company, then have fun with them as you can have with any girls.