CBD Tincture – How to Prepare It at Home?

CBD tinctures are very popular throughout the world. Besides, they are very effective, pure and show the effect on body within no time post using it. This is why most of the people choose CBD tinctures than the other CBD products.

What are CBD tinctures and how are they made?

They are nothing but alcohol-based extract. And, they are made by soaking hemp flowers in alcohol. If you are looking for a smokeless way to consume CBD then you cannot find a better option than CBD tinctures. Even the stems and leaves of hemp plant are used instead of flowers to prepare CBD tinctures. You can buy top quality tincture from a popular smoke shop online, the Express Smoke Shop.

Where can I find CBD tinctures?

It is not at all safe to step out of your home in the present scenario due to covid-19 situation. Wondering how to buy the CBD tinctures sitting at your home? It is very simple now. Using online shopping you can get the CBD tinctures at your door steps now. For CBD tinctures, choose a brand like the Express smoke shop. The reason why many people recommend this brand is it quality and discreetness. This brand mainly focuses on customer satisfaction, which is why they use best quality hemp for CBD extraction. Buy the CBD tincture from a brand like this to stay safe.

Can I prepare CBD tinctures at home?

Yes, you can easily prepare the CBD tinctures at home. However, you have to spend some time for it. Here is the recipe for you!

Items Required

  • Hemp Flowers (as per your requirement)
  • High Proof Alcohol
  • One Glass Jar (Mason jar)
  • Strainer

Grind the hemp flowers into a very fine consistency. However, before doing this you have to decarboxylate the hemp flowers. You can also use the cannabis concentrate for this instead of hemp flowers. Now add the alcohol to the jar which you have taken. Add the decarboxylated concentrate or the flower which is made into a fine a consistency to the alcohol in the jar. Close the jar now with the lid properly and leave it for few weeks i.e. usually 2 to 3 weeks. Ensure that you shake the jar at least once every day.

Strain this mixture now and store the liquid in a dropper bottle. Start with low dosages when it comes to CBD tinctures always. You can start with 1ml product initially and then increase it slowly. However, it is important to consult a doctor to know how much dosage is safe for you. The best part about these tinctures is they generally last for years together. Hence, you will not have a necessity to prepare them again and again.

You can directly put few drops of the tincture under your tongue. If you are not comfortable with its bitter taste then add it to your fruit juices or tea or coffee. You can also use it like your salad dressing. Add it to your ice creams as well if you wish to. They generally take around 15 to 30mins to show the effect on your body once you take it.