Choosing the Right Riding Helmet for You

Whether you’ve been riding for a long time or are just starting out, choosing a new riding helmet can be deceivingly difficult, so don’t underestimate the many considerations involved in picking the right one. Here are some tips for finding the riding helmet best for you. 

Consider Function 

Different riding helmets are designed for different styles of riding, so do some research into what kind of helmet you’ll need based on the style of riding you’re learning. If you’re racing, for example, a jockey skull is the right choice for you. If you’re riding dressage, you might lean toward getting a premium helmet. And a velvet riding hat would be good choice for showjumping. In many cases, competitions of one style of riding or another won’t even allow certain helmets to be used by its competitors. 

Consider Cost 

As with purchasing any equestrian equipment or horse supplies, buying a riding helmet can get surprisingly expensive. Look for deals online or make some phone calls at equestrian supplies stores near you to get a sense of what the price range is going to be. Whatever you do, don’t buy a used helmet; any helmet that has been through a significant bump of some kind should be replaced, and you never know for sure what a used helmet has been through. 

Consider Safety 

Safety, while you are riding, is especially important because riding accidents can be very dangerous. And even when you aren’t riding, such as when you are brushing a horse down after a ride, it’s important to wear a riding helmet for safety. Consider whether a helmet meets international equestrian safety standards. There are three such standards, and they differ in how they test for safety, so the more of them a given helmet meets, the more confidence you can have in its ability to protect you in a variety of situations. A relatively tight fit is also important, as it will allow the helmet to stay firmly in place while eventually forming to the shape of your head. 

With these tips in mind, you might find that picking the right riding helmet is a lot easier than you previously thought. Just narrow down the list of options based on your style of riding, your budget and the level of safety you need, and then check some online reviews of a few of your remaining options before making a decision and purchasing one. 

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