Get Ready for Your Next Summer Road Trip

Summer is a time when you look forward to cool cotton clothing, watermelon feasts and glasses of icy lemonade. It is also when you may start thinking about taking a family vacation.While flying can be much faster than a road trip, it may lack much in the way of quality. Keep these things in mind when you are making your plans.

Preparing the Car

Make sure to have the car checked out and made road ready. This may include, but is not limited to, checking the air in the tires, checking anti-freeze, oil and brake fluid levels and making sure the battery is taking a full charge. If you have some dings or a door won’t close, for example, visit the auto body repair Denver CO residents rely on to fix their cars before you go.

Checking the Map

The best route between home and your destination is not necessarily a straight line. Check the map and find the scenic route or the route that lets to stop to see points of interest or historical sites. If it doesn’t take too much longer, consider trying it out. You may want to stretch and let the kids wiggle for a bit anyway, so why not have some fun while you are at it.

Snacks and Activities

Load up a bag with healthy snacks, drinks and even some candies or treats to grown up and little kid tummies happy between stops. Include a pack of wet wipes for cleanup. Throw in some coloring books, threading cards, matching games and a DVD or two, but resist throwing on a movie during daylight hours. Opt instead for helping the kids learn about the great outdoors and surrounding cities.

A road trip can be a memory maker in and of itself. When else can you crank up the radio, roll down the windows and sing along at the top of your voices, grab a sandwich whenever you want and stop to see the sites along the way?

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