How to Set Up a Practical Yet Stylish Home Office?

A home office should be as functional as possible. It should be a space to do work but not a cluttered clutter zone. Consider a floating desk that will not protrude into the room. A floating desk can also double as a dressing table. Keep your home office essentials to a minimum. A minimalist look means there is less to hide. Use attractive wallpaper to distract from a messy desk or play with the space perception. Wall-mounted clipboards make for interesting backdrops.


If you want your home office to be a productive space, you must consider storage in a practical but stylish way. The storage must blend with the rest of the decor. Besides closets, storage units can be designed as desks, open shelving, cupboards, trunking, and portholes. A double desk with ample storage will make the space more functional and stylish. You can add a decorative accent wall with various shelving units and a display wall of pinned pictures.

Wall-to-wall shelving provides plenty of space for documents, but it can be messy if not styled properly. Choose a neutral color palette for the shelving system, but keep it as simple as possible. Consider adding a box file to keep papers and other objects together. In addition, choose a home office desk that is wheeled, and make sure it has ample storage. Place a bookcase next to the desk if your space is too small.


Choosing the right home office lighting is important, as the placement of light fixtures can drastically impact the room’s functionality. Although many office spaces feature ambient and task lighting, accent lighting can add visual character and draw attention to specific objects in the room. To achieve a practical yet stylish home office, focus on a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference these three types of lighting can make!

Choosing the right desk lighting is essential to setting the mood for productive work. The proper color temperature will ensure you’re not fatigued by glare, affecting your productivity. Consider buying LED desk lights with a minimum of 500 lumens to avoid eye strain. Additionally, look for desk lights with a 3000K color temperature, which is a step down from the harsh 4000K light used in typical office lighting. You can even choose to purchase clip-on lighting that plugs into a 13-amp socket. USB-powered desk lights also offer convenient power sources for your computer.


Choosing a desk is the central feature of your home office. First, you need to consider whether you need a spacious desk with lots of surface area or just a place for your laptop, coffee mug, and station. Next, consider the type of work you do and the size of your desk accordingly. Then decide whether you need a stylish or functional table for storing books, a laptop, or your work kit.

Another option is to purchase a metal side table for your office. You can choose one with a lift-up storage area, which can keep your stationery from rolling around. You can also select a table with a glass top to add a touch of class to your room. The best part is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on office furniture. Instead, you can buy cheap tables that can serve multiple purposes.

Console tables

There are several ways to style a console table. First, decide what items to place on the top and the bottom. Choose tall pieces to stand out from the base of the table, like a vase or a candlestick. Other items like a basket or decorative box can be placed on the lower shelf. Stacking books also provides visual interest. In addition, many designers favor symmetrical styling. This creates an aura of calmness and draws the eye in.

For a home office on a budget, a dressing table can be used as a desk and storage. Dressing tables can be painted to match the room’s interior and paired with an appropriate office chair. A metal side table is available on Cuckooland. A simple dressing table with a drawer on the top can work just as well as a traditional desk.

Fold-down shelves

The Anyday range of folding desks from John Lewis and Partners has plenty of storage space, including internal shelves for storing work tools. You can also store inspirational quotes, to-do lists, and more on the matching wall-mounted shelves. Fold-down shelves are also a great way to display nice home decorations in your office, such as a beautiful vase of flowers. And if you’re looking to create a more practical yet stylish home office, you can choose a desk that doubles as a storage shelf!

A simple yet elegant way to store your office supplies is with magazine files. Investing in magazine-style file holders will help you get organized and reduce clutter. They are also a great place to keep pens, paper, and other office supplies. Some magazine files are even designed to match the decor of the room. You can also buy handmade wooden files from Cambridge Imprint, made from sturdy wood boards lined with patterned paper.

Open plan space

A well-designed home office is vital if you want to work comfortably and creatively. It should be spacious, with clean lines and plenty of creative inspiration. For this purpose, you can turn your bedroom or living room into a creative space by incorporating the following tips. In addition to having the right furniture, you must be sure to include beautiful artwork. Here are some examples of stylish decor ideas for your home office.

First, choose the perfect location. The home office does not necessarily need to be in the formal room – it can simply be an unused closet or low-hanging shelf. To add style, snag a stylish chair that complements the rest of the room. New closet space can also work well if positioned under the window. Finally, make sure you have plenty of storage space.

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