What Can You See Inside a Wild Animal Park?

If you’ve never visited a wild animal park, you miss out on a unique experience. From kangaroo walks to Lemur Walks to Lion Camps and even a Cheetah Run, you’re missing out on the most unforgettable experience possible in San Diego wild animal park. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your trip to these wonderful locations. If you’ve never been inside a wild animal park, read on for a peek at what’s in store!

Kangaroo Walk

You should check out a zoo if you love to see kangaroos in the wild. While not all zoos offer this popular event, many have it on certain days. Visiting a zoo in winter may not be the best idea because the animals are not as active. However, in the summer, you can enjoy a day out with your family and get some great photo ops.

You can watch the kangaroos, wallabies, and other creatures up close. There are also petting kraals for kids. This unique feature lets visitors pet kangaroos, wallabies, and other wildlife without worrying about their safety. You can also take photos of tadpoles, kangaroo joeys, and other critters.

Lemur Walk

A Lemur Walk inside a wild animal park may be a great way to start if you have never seen a lemur before. You can walk through a lemur’s habitat and learn about them while getting a close-up view. Although you cannot touch the lemurs, they will often venture up close to sniff your hand. You can visit this walk with children ages five and up and get discounted tickets.

The ring-tailed lemur is the most common type of lemur. These creatures are known for their large eyes and long, woolly fur. They spend more time on the ground than in trees and are omnivorous, eating fruits, leaves, flowers, bark, and sap. Lemurs are highly endangered, so zookeepers try to protect their habitat by breeding the animals and creating lemur babies.

Lion Camp

The lions can be seen through tempered glass windows. The observation tent has a smaller glass window where lions can rest. The enclosure is four miles long, and guests can listen to commentary on the animals on the car stereo. Lions have moved into the enclosure, but the giraffes remain on the islands. A deep moat around the enclosure keeps the lions from hunting the giraffes. Designers of the enclosure ensure the lions’ space is safe and secure.

Cheetah Run

Few experiences in the world are as unique as a cheetah run at a wild animal park. This show is a “theater in the round,” as cheetahs sprint and play on a track within a fenced enclosure. Each cheetah runs for under 6 seconds and takes off after the dogs have completed their course. The cheetahs’ trainers talk about the importance of conservation and the challenges facing them in their habitat.

Breakfast with Tigers

If you have a morning full of zeal, you should head to the Tiger Trail. The big cats know breakfast is the time for special treats, so they’ll be especially active. It’s also an excellent opportunity to catch a Tiger Keeper Talk, which will last approximately more or less than 15 minutes. Visiting the exhibit early will help you avoid the crowds. While most tigers are active at dusk and twilight, it’s still best to arrive at minutes early to avoid getting in the way of the tigers.

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