What Does An Event Management and Planning Software Do Anyway?

What Does An Event Management and Planning Software Do Anyway? It’s an excellent question to ask because event planning can be a complicated task. Therefore, choosing the right software for your organization is a crucial consideration. You want one that’s easy to use, intuitive, and quick to learn. It should also come with multiple features and integrate with other tools related to event planning. For example, an event registration tool should seamlessly communicate with member management software.


Free event management and planning software tools are available in the market today. Using these tools will allow you to manage multiple events at once. For example, some of these tools can draft vendor agreements, capture sponsors’ signatures, and organize event speaker media releases. The features of these tools include a drag-and-drop editor and repeatable workflows, so you can be sure that you can handle multiple projects at the same time. It also lets you download instant event data.

Many different free event management and planning software are available on the Internet today. Some programs are designed for smaller organizations, while others are ideal for large enterprises. Some of the best features of these programs include the ability to drip market event tickets and special packages and organize attendee communications. These tools can also increase your lead conversions. Many also integrate with practical relationship management tools, such as Salesforce and Slack, saving you a lot of time.

Easy to use

You can choose from several event management and planning software types to meet your needs. Each has its merits and is suitable for various events, big and small, one-time or recurring, pure business, or a mix of both. Regardless of your specific needs, event management software can help you streamline your work and maximize your time and budget. Below are a few of the most common event management and planning software types.

Event planning and management software help you streamline the entire process by allowing you to organize, promote, and manage events from start to finish. It can also improve attendance by as much as 20% and cut costs by up to 30%. These programs are also helpful for government departments, educational organizations, legal and accounting firms, and countless other industries. Unfortunately, dozens of available event management and planning software options make it challenging to choose the right solution. Be sure to find an event management and planning software that will save you time.


The proper event management and planning software are essential to running a successful event. This type of software enables event planners to manage registrations, check-ins, tasks, communications, and data analysis to determine the event’s success. Before you choose an event management and planning software, consider your most significant needs, goals, and objectives. 

Event management and planning software help you manage your event efficiently and securely. Its various features are integrated into one platform, giving you easy access to all your data in a single place. Various out-of-the-box reports and analytics are also available to ensure that everyone involved in the event has the correct information. The software offers many tools and features within one centralized platform, making it ideal for corporate events. This type of software can help you improve the ROI and satisfaction of attendees.

It has a robust collaboration tool.

One of the best tools for managing events is a robust collaboration tool. Many event management and planning software solutions feature robust collaboration tools. Gantt charts make it easy for event managers to create and manage complex projects and offer powerful resources for managing resources and teams. Social Tables can help you manage your entire event, from planning to execution to measuring event outcomes. Its user-friendly interface makes it simple to use, and it has more than 300,000 users worldwide.

Another collaborative tool for event managers is Trello. This online project management tool helps you to track and coordinate work in events and allows you to collaborate with your team more efficiently. You can use Trello for free to try out the basic features before purchasing. For example, Trello allows you to create lists of tasks with a start date and deadline. Although there are several features, the collaboration tool is limited and does not offer swim lines, which would separate individual responsibilities into a single column.


Event management and planning software costs vary. Some are free, while others can run you into the hundreds of thousands. Some are priced per event registrant and cost as little as $3 or $10. Others can charge a lower fee as attendance increases. Finally, some feature additional services, like social media integration. These features can add up, so consider your budget when choosing event management and planning software. 

The price of event management and planning software should be a small part of your overall operation. However, some vendors focus solely on selling the software, with little or no after-sales support. This can lead to delays in your event. If you’re unsure which software will best fit your business, research. Check out online reviews sites such as Capterra or G2.

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